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Heart Transplant Online Manual

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Other online resources

If you find information on a web site, show it to your transplant coordinator to make sure it is medically correct. Reliable web sites include:

The transplant team

You will meet a variety of health care providers who will work together for your care. Each one plays a special role in your recovery.

Cardiologist (heart doctor)

He or she works with you through your regular exams in the hospital and at the transplant clinic, performs your routine heart biopsies and annual exams, and keeps your regular doctor informed of your progress.

Transplant surgeon

This is the surgeon who performs the transplant. He or she will examine you during your hospital stay.

Consulting doctors

They have areas of expertise and may be part of your care if needed.

Your regular (primary) doctor

Your regular doctor will work closely with your transplant center doctor. You will see your regular doctor for office visits, physical exams and health screenings.

Transplant coordinator

This is a registered nurse who will coordinate your transplant care from evaluation, to surgery, and through long-term follow-up. He or she will tell you of any changes in your care plan, answer your questions, serve as a liaison between you and the transplant doctors, and will keep your regular doctor informed.


The pharmacist will answer your questions about your medicines.

Registered nurses

Nurses will provide 24-hour care for you during your hospital stay. They will teach you about the procedures, medicines and self-care activities.


He or she will meet with you about heart-healthy foods that fit your needs.

Occupational therapists

They work to improve your confidence, strength and endurance after your surgery. They will create an exercise program that begins in the hospital and continues through recovery at home.

Social worker

He or she will help make arrangements for your hospital stay and return home. This includes counseling and support. He or she will answer your questions about financial concerns and community resources.

Financial operations supervisor

He or she works with you and your insurance company to answer your insurance and money concerns.


He or she will offer support as you work through the emotional and spiritual responses to the transplant.


Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Care After Heart Transplant, cvs-ahc-95405 (4/13)

First published: 01/06/2013
Last updated: 01/06/2013

Reviewed by: Allina Health's Patient Education Department