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    Bariatric Center
    Since 1996 Unity Hospital's Bariatric Center has helped more than 6,000 patients take a step toward a healthier lifestyle.


    Virginia Piper Cancer Institute®
    The Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® at Unity Hospital provides comprehensive care through all aspects of cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. The Institute is designated by the Commission on Cancer as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center.


    Addiction treatment
    Unity Hospital has several programs and services to identify and treat substance abuse dependencies.


    Emergency medicine
    Unity Hospital is one of the Twin Cities' largest Level III trauma hospitals, with the expertise and resources to provide quality care to trauma patients.


    Mental health
    Unity Hospital's mental health services are dedicated to improving the quality of clients' lives by providing the support and tools needed for successful recovery.

    Wellness programs
    Unity Hospital conducts scores of programs to prevent illness and improve the health and well-being for patients, families and community members.


    Joint Replacement Center
    If you are considering knee or hip replacement surgery, the Joint Replacement Center can help you get moving and back to the lifestyle you enjoy.

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