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United Serving Seniors Program

  • What is Serving Seniors?

    Serving Seniors is a United Hospital program that offers complimentary parking for senior patients 62 years of age and older.

    Complimentary Parking

    You will receive up to four (4) hours complimentary parking in the United Hospital ramps anytime you have a medical appointment in the Doctors Professional Building, the John Nasseff Medical Center, the Ritchie Medical Plaza, the Fort Road Medical Building, the Garden View Medical Building, Nasseff Specialty Center, Milton M. Hurwitz ExerCare Fitness Center or United Hospital. This complimentary parking is not valid for visiting, attending classes or support group meetings.

    How to use a Serving Seniors parking validation ticket.
    • Ticket received at parking ramp entrance is labeled #1. Bring to your appointment.
    • Check in at your appointment and receive a green ticket, labeled #2. This is your parking validation ticket.
    • When using a machine at ramp exit, insert ticket #1. When prompted insert ticket #2. If your appointment was less than 4 hours, you will not need to pay for parking. If your appointment exceeded 4 hours, you will need to pay the difference. Once transaction is complete, the arm will raise.
    • If you were here more than 4 hours, and are paying at a Pay Station, insert ticket #1 and when prompted insert ticket #2. You will need to pay for anything over 4 hours. A new ticket will be received and you will have 30 minutes to exit. At the ramp exit, insert the parking ticket into the machine and the arm will raise.

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