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Health Care Serve & Learn Experience SALE program

  • A United Hospital collegevolunteer helps patient.

    In addition to our regular college volunteer program, we offer the Health Care Serve & Learn Experience (SALE) program. SALE participants gain valuable experience by committing to volunteer at least six hours per week for an entire semester in one of our volunteer areas (72 service hours).  In return, you receive a one-to-one discussion with a professional such as:

    • physician
    • nurse
    • medical imaging technician
    • physical therapist, complete new volunteer shadow shift
    • occupational therapist
    • lab technician

    Space is very limited, so apply early.

    Earn college credit

    It may be possible for SALE volunteers to earn college credit for this experience. It is each student's responsibility to coordinate all details with his/her college for college credit.

    Volunteer opportunities

    Guest services

    • Lobby
    • Emergency Department
    • Surgical Guest Lounge
    • Patient Escort
    • Gift shop

    Patient services

    • Day Surgery Center
    • Patient Experience Cart
    • Surgical Services
    • Spiritual care
    • Medical Clinics

    Support services

    • Special projects

    Volunteer Placement Process

    To begin your volunteer experience, take these steps:

    1. Complete an online application.
    2. Complete mandatory health forms.
    3. Attend orientation.
    4. Complete required health screening. This can be completed at United Hospital (no charge). Information will be provided at Orientation.
    5. Complete an on-boarding Shift. Information will be provided at Orientation.
    6. The process to become a United Hospital volunteer may take several weeks.

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