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Eye health information

  • Vision problems

    There are many types of vision problems. Conditions like these can cause blurred vision, halos, blind spots, floaters, and other symptoms:

    • amblyopia (lazy eye)
    • cataract
    • diabetic retinopathy
    • glaucoma
    • macular degeneration
    • nearsightedness
    • retinitis pigmentosa (RP)
    • strabismus (crossed eyes)

    Whatever the cause, vision problems should never be ignored.

    Vision tests

    Vision problems that are left undetected and untreated may lead to vision loss and in some cases blindness. Early detection is the key to minimizing vision loss.

    The following are a few vision tests performed at Phillips Eye Institute:

    • routine eye examination
    • color vision test
    • visual acuity test
    • refraction test

    Eye videos

    Select one of the categories below to view video options.

    video_icon Cataracts

    video_icon Diagnostic lasers and treatment

    video_icon Eye anatomy

    video_icon Eye diseases

    video_icon Eye surgeries

    video_icon Glaucoma

    video_icon Laser vision correction

    video_icon Retina / macula conditions

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