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    Phillips Eye Institute was the vision of many people, designed to function as a free standing eye specialty center associated with Mount Sinai Medical Center. It was developed by and for ophthalmologists. The dream of creating this unique facility was realized because of the persistence, determination and resourcefulness of a large group of people.
    Jay Phillips was the main benefactor of Mount Sinai Hospital and a strong supporter of Mount Sinai's Division of Ophthalmology. Because of his generous philanthropic support, Phillips Eye Institute bears his name.


    Phillips Eye Institute - construction complete


    Mount Sinai Hospital merges with Metropolitan Medical Center to become Metropolitan Mount Sinai Medical Center (MMS)


    PEI's Inpatient Unit opens


    PEI continues its legacy, surviving the closure of MMS


    Health One and LifeSpan merge to form the HealthSpan Health Systems Corporation


    PEI is congressionally designated as an eye "specialty" hospital


    HealthSpan and Medica merge to become Allina Health System. PEI is the only specialty hospital in the Allina Health System


    Phillips Eye Institute celebrates its 10th anniversary, recognizing a rich history of commitment to eye health care


    Phillips Eye Institute opens a second location at Buffalo Hospital


    Phillips Eye Institute continues to provide quality care to patients and their families


    Phillips Eye Institute is the third largest eye specialty hospital (in patient volume) in the United States. Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and disorders, Phillips Eye Institute draws patients from a five state region to be treated by a medical staff of more than 170 Ophthalmologists.

    PEI offers an extensive array of specialty services from diagnostic tests and vision rehabilitation to laser eye treatments and specialized eye surgery.

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