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Integrative Health Research Center

  • Since 2007, the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing has conducted world-class, innovative research in integrative health through the Integrative Health Research Center (IHRC).

    Through data analysis and clinical trials, the IHRC:

    • identifies clinical conditions in which integrative interventions enhance care
    • addresses the clinical and cost effectiveness of integrative inpatient and outpatient therapies

    Before joining the IHRC as director of research, Jeffery Dusek, PhD, was a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, serving as director of Behavioral Sciences Research with the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

    Research brief

    Resilience Training shown to help reduce depression, anxiety and stress

    Resilience Training is an eight-week program of the Penny George Institute that helps people restore a balanced brain chemistry using mindfulness, diet, exercise and select micro-nutrients. It is for those experiencing over-stress, anxiety, depression, stress-related mental health conditions, or a desire to improve their physical and mental resilience.

    Two studies conducted by the Penny George Institute's Integrative Health Research Center showed Resilience Training had a significant effect on participants' key mental health scores, and helped with sleep quality and fatigue. Learn more about researched benefits of resilience training.

  • To learn more about the Integrative Health Research Center, call 612-863-9768 or email

    Jeffrey Dusek and a patient

    Jeffrey Dusek measures exhaled levels of nitric oxide to study the effects of integrative therapies on clinical outcomes. Nitric oxide is known to reduce blood pressure.

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