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    Whether you aim to get fit, manage pain or heal from an illness, the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing can help using a holistic approach that focuses on the mind, body and spirit.

    Individuals come to our clinics and fitness center, or as hospitalized patients, to find:

    • a path to better well-being through stress management services, weight loss programs and nutrition consultations
    • solutions, ranging from acupuncture to exercise consultations, for chronic illnesses and chronic pain
    • relief from the symptoms of diseases like cancer and the side effects of treatments
    • and much more

    Our doctors, nurse practitioners, acupuncturists, and other experts have the highest credentials in their fields.

  • Highlights

    Cool it presentersCool It! How to Manage Inflammation event

    Back by popular demand: Chronic inflammation ignites the risk for health issues ranging from joint pain to heart disease to acne. Nancy Van Sloun, MD, of the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing, and Sue Moores, RD, Kowalski's Markets nutritionist, are teaming up again to take on the topic of inflammation. Bring your questions and hear what they have to say on Tuesday, April 28, at Kowalski's Eagan Market.

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    Support holistic health care

    Make a gift to the Penny George Institute Foundation to ensure that more people have access to holistic health care focused on the mind, body and spirit. Give today.

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    From our LiveWell® blog: Integrative medicine makes a difference in fighting disease

    When facing a serious illness, more people are turning to integrative medicine to help deal with the symptoms of their disease or the side effects of treatment. A recent KSTP-TV segment described how integrative medicine is making a difference in their health and well-being.

    Barbara Jo Koch-Smith-smaller

    Recovery and healing through an integrative approach: Barbara Jo's story

    While Western medicine saved Barbara Jo Koch-Smith's life, integrative medicine helped her to heal—in mind, body and spirit.

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    All about acupuncture

    Acupuncture is part of an ancient medical system called traditional Chinese medicine. It can promote healthy sleep, life balance/stress management, pain management, tobacco cessation, cancer care and more.

    Guided imagery CDs

    Penny George Institute proudly presents our guided imagery CDs, which can help you reduce stress and learn breathing and relaxation techniques to manage pain.

    Download one or all of our albums on CD Baby or iTunes today. 

    Guided imagery for stress reduction

    Guided Imagery for stress reduction

    Working with the gentle rhythms and cycles of the breath, become more aware of how breathing affects the body in order to maximize oxygen exchange and improve health. These techniques combine breathing exercises and muscle relaxation with the use of the listener’s imagination to journey into comfort and peace.

    This album will become a favorite as listeners learn how to help their body relax, release stress and become more adept at managing the demands of life.

    Guided imagery for pregnancy

    Guided Imagery for pregnancy and birth

    Guided meditations are an excellent way to explore meditation practices with someone else leading you through the process. Breathing exercises can help you quiet the mind and body, and guided imagery techniques can help you use your imagination to have a pleasant experience even in the midst of turmoil or pain.

    Try all the meditations and see which ones work for you. Then, like a favorite song, listen to the ones you like best over and over again as you learn to appreciate the benefits of quieting the chatter of a mind in fight or flight. A calm mind is a clear mind. And a clear mind helps us navigate more easily through stressful circumstances.

    Guided imagery for pain relief

    Guided imagery for pain relief

    The recordings inside this CD offer a variety of approaches to help you relax, calm your mind and ease pain. Guided meditations allow you to try meditation with someone else leading you through it. Breathing
    exercises help you quiet the mind and body, and guided imagery techniques help you use your imagination to associate with pleasant experiences even in the midst of turmoil or pain.

    Try them all and see which ones work for you. Then, like a favorite song, listen to them over and over again. A calm mind is a quiet mind. And a quiet mind improves our outlook and ability to cope with pain.

    These albums were made possible through the generosity of Classical Minnesota Public Radio and the Abbott Northwestern Hospital Foundation.

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