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  • New Ulm Medical Center is a nonprofit hospital and clinic serving the region in and around Brown County located in south central Minnesota. We offer an extensive range of care options with over 30 affiliated physicians and a full complement of visiting specialists.

  • Birth Center

    The staff at the Birth Center of New Ulm Medical Center has decades of experience helping babies and their families get started.


    Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

    Hospitalized patients at New Ulm Medical Center may be eligible to receive Penny George Institute services for pain relief, anxiety reduction and healing. These services are offered at the bedside.


    Parkinson's disease support group

    This group meets on the second Monday of the month at Orchard Hill Assisted Living Community in New Ulm and provides an opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Parkinson's disease, share questions, concerns or feelings and become more aware of available resources.

  • 1324 Fifth Street North
    New Ulm, MN 56073


  • Waiting room time

    Emergency Department
    0 min

    Updated every 15 minutes
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    0-30 minutes
    31-60 minutes
    60+ minutes

    Wait times vary by condition. The wait time shown is updated every 15 minutes and represents an average time from patient arrival to being in an emergency department room. Additional time may be needed to be seen by a qualified medical professional.

    Wait times can change quickly depending on the urgency and number of patients.

    Please remember - you should always dial 911 in an emergency and allow medical personnel to evaluate the seriousness of your condition. When time is of the essence, be sure to get to the closest ER for quick evaluation and treatment.

    National average wait time is one hour, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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