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Center for Valve & Structural Heart Disease

  • Minneapolis Heart Institute®'s Valve Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital evaluates and treats heart valve disorders using the latest diagnostic, surgical and non-surgical techniques. A team of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, nurse practitioners and other care providers will assess your heart valves and recommend a care plan.

    The Valve Center offers the latest treatments for valve disease, including:

    • standard surgical procedures
    • minimally invasive or robotic-assisted procedures (using small incisions and special instruments)
    • catheter-based procedures (inserting a catheter into a blood vessel to reach the heart, and then deploying an artificial valve or repairing the existing valve through the catheter into the heart).

    Because of the large number of patients treated at the Valve Center, the Valve Center team has developed specialized skills and expertise related to diagnosis and treatment. They also have experience in treating patients with complex valve disease or those who may not be candidates for standard surgical procedures.

    The Valve Center participates in many clinical trials, allowing patients to access the most advanced treatments available for valve disease.

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