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Specialty care providers

  • From heart health to cancer care and more, Allina Health specialists are here to provide specialty care for you and your entire family. Specialists are doctors who have completed medical school and received further training in a certain area of medical care.

    Choosing a specialist who's right for you

    Specialists should be seen when health conditions require the expertise of a doctor trained to treat the specific condition or illness.

    Your primary care provider can refer you to a specialist that is right for you and your health needs.

    When choosing a specialty care provider, consider:

    • Training and experience: Find out where he or she studied medicine, the length of that training and where he or she has practiced medicine.
    • Relationship: Meet with the specialist to make sure you feel comfortable with him or her. The provider who is right for you should be someone you can discuss anything that could affect your health.
    • Accessibility: Make sure the provider is accepting new patients. Find out his or her usual hours to see if they fit your schedule. Ask who covers for the provider when he or she is out of the office. Find out what hospital they are affiliated with for surgeries and emergencies.

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