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Primary care providers

  • Your primary care provider may also be called a general practitioner, family doctor, physician or clinician. Your primary care physician will guide you and your family on a variety of health care and wellness needs. Your physician will get to know you and provide health care education and recommendations for:

    • health maintenance exams, also known as physicals or checkups
    • health screening for tests like, such as mammograms or colonoscopies
    • treatment of acute conditions
    • management of chronic conditions
    • healing injuries

    Your primary care provider will also refer you to a specialty care provider they know and trust, when necessary.

  • Choosing the right primary care provider

    The best health care is based on lasting relationships between you and your doctor. Choose your primary care doctor when all is well, that way you will not have to make a hasty decision about your medical care when you are sick. When choosing a primary care doctor, consider:

    Training and experience




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