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Advance care planning

  • An advance care plan provides information to others about your wishes in case illness or injury prevents you from telling them yourself.

    Advance care planning is designed to help anyone, healthy or sick, communicate their wishes for medical treatment. This planning process will clarify what your family and friends need to know if you become unable to make health care decisions for yourself.

    When you put these wishes in writing, this kind of plan is called a health care directive.

    Advance care planning is a process to:

    • Understand your health care treatment options.
    • Clarify your health care goals.
    • Weigh your options about what kind of care and treatment you would want or not want.
    • Make decisions about whether you want to appoint a health care agent or complete a health care directive.
    • Communicate your wishes and any documents with your family, friends and health care provider.

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