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Medical Services

  • Fill a prescription

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    Allina Health Pharmacy offers free mail delivery or pick-up at 14 pharmacy locations in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities.

    Buy or rent medical equipment

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    Allina Health Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment has been providing products for anyone who needs a little extra help with the activities of daily living for more than 20 years.

    Deal with chronic and advanced illness

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    When you or a loved one has many medical needs, trying to determine how to get help and what services exist can be difficult. Visit home care services to learn how Allina Health can help you navigate complex medical options.

    Get care at home

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    When you are not well, home is the most comfortable place to be. We can help you manage your health from the comfort of home.

    Learn about medical transportation

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    Allina Health Emergency Medical Services is one of the region's largest ambulance and medical transport services. We serve more than 80 Minnesota communities, where about 1 million people live.

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  • To speak with someone about choosing a doctor, call 1-888-4ALLINA (1-888-425-5462).

  • Manage your health

    Your health care online with MyChart.

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