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Pregnancy care

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    From planning a pregnancy to a family-focused childbirth experience to getting settled back at home, families can count on Allina Health for personalized, expert care and a wide range of childbirth options. 

    Allina Health Clinics

    Our specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, family medicine, pediatrics, and nurse-midwives believe that a long-lasting relationship with your health care provider results in better care.

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    Allina Health clinics are located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, greater Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

    Where we deliver

    Family-focused environments that foster bonding

    Choosing where you will deliver your baby is a big decision. Allina Health proudly offers 11 family-focused environments with experts in labor and delivery and newborn care to welcome your little one. We invite you to take a tour.

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  • Healthy Set Go

    A wellness destination in your quest to live better, every day.

    Articles written by Allina Health experts.

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