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  • Midwifery services

    personalized, holistic care—focused on you and your family

    Your health journey is not just about your physical condition—it's about your wellbeing too; and our certified nurse-midwives understand that. 

    • Midwives work with women and families through every stage of life including pregnancy, childbirth, routine well-woman exams and menopause.
    • Midwifery is centered on wellness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles all while supporting a woman's emotional and physical wellbeing.
    • Pregnancy and childbirth care that combines conventional and complementary care recommendations.
      • Water birth, vaginal birth after Cesarean, trial of labor after Cesarean and family-centered Cesarean services as appropriate with collaborative obstetric partners.
      • Support for both unmedicated birth and use of pain medication in labor.
      • Midwives attend family-centered births at The Mother Baby Center in Minneapolis and St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee.

    You can see a midwife at these Allina Health clinic locations: East Lake Street (Minneapolis); Hopkins and Dean Lakes (Shakopee).    

    Meet our certified nurse-midwives

    A certified nurse-midwife (CNM) is a women's health care provider who has an advanced master's or doctoral degree to care for women throughout the life spectrum. They are certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

  • The WELLcast

    Midwifery for pregnancy and childbirth

    Listen in as Kathrine Simon, our lead nurse midwife, discusses the care philosophy of nurse-midwives and how they may the best choice for your individual health needs.

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