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Health maintenance exam

  • An adult health maintenance exam is a medical appointment that provides preventive services, counseling, education and disease screening, based on your age and gender.

    A health maintenance exam has many names:

    • annual physical exam
    • preventive exam
    • complete physical
    • yearly checkup
    • wellness exam

    What to expect

    An adult health maintenance exam may involve some screening lab tests and X-rays or shots. These services are usually part of an annual physical:

    • review of your complete medical history, including allergies, drug reactions and immunizations
    • physical exam, including a pelvic exam for women
    • medicine review (Please bring all medicines and supplements you regularly take.)
    • weight, height, blood pressure and pulse

    Your health care provider may ask about your tobacco and alcohol use. You may also discuss health topics like weight control and exercise.

    Your health provider may recommend additional services based on your age and gender. An adult health maintenance exam may also involve lab tests, medical imaging and/or shots. Please check with your insurance provider about coverage for these extra services.

  • Extra services

    You may have other issues you want to discuss. These services may not be considered part of your physical and may require an additional charge:

    • new health concerns (upset stomach, cough, warts, moles)
    • current conditions that need further evaluation and/or new treatment (unstable high blood pressure, out-of-control diabetes).

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