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Resources for stroke survivors and their caregivers

  • Allina Health services

    Stroke care

    Care Navigation Help Desk
    651-635-9173 or 1-800-261-0879

    Financial Assistance Services
    612-262-9000 or 1-800-859-5077

    Stroke organizations

    American Heart Association 1-800-242-8721
    Greater Twin Cities Area Chapter 952-835-0300

    American Stroke Association 1-888-478-7653

    Brain Injury Association of Minnesota 612-378-2742 or 1-800-669-6442

    Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin

    Hemi-Kids Foundation for children with hemiplegia or hemiparesis

    National Aphasia Association 1-800-922-4622

    National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

    National Stroke Association 1-800-787-6537

    Minnesota Stroke Association 763-553-0088 or 1-800-647-4123

    Community services

    Central Minnesota Council on Aging

    Courage Center 763-588-0811, Vocational services - 763-520-0564, Outpatient client intake - 763-520-0312, Driver assessment and training - 763-520-0312

    Disability Parking Permits
    Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services, 651-297-3377

    Wisconsin Department of Transportation

    Twin Cities Metro Area Meals on Wheels Seven-county Twin Cities metro area - 612-789-5007

    Minnesota Board on Aging 1-800-333-2433

    Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care

    Minnesota Department of Human Services and Other Partners

    Wisconsin Department of Health Services

    Minnesota Department of Veterans' Affairs 651-296-2562

    Wisconsin Department of Veterans' Affairs 1-800-947-8387

    Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services Work Force Centers
    Anoka County - 763-785-3360
    Dakota County - 651-554-5955
    Hennepin County North - 763-536-6012
    Hennepin County South - 952-346-4050
    Minneapolis North - 612-302-7061
    Minneapolis South - 612-821-4003
    Monticello - 763-295-5894
    North St. Paul - 651-779-5940
    St. Paul Midway - 651-642-0555
    Scott County - 952-402-9804
    Washington County - 651-501-6363

    Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

    Social Security Administration 1-800-772-1213 
    Western Wisconsin residents - 1-866-815-2924

    United Way's First Call for Help (24-hour helpline for transportation and other services in the Twin Cities metro area and in western Wisconsin) 211

    Vulnerable adult services
    Anoka County - 763-422-7168 or 763-422-7070
    Carver County - 952-361-1600
    Dakota County - 651-554-6000
    Hennepin County - 612-348-8526
    Ramsey County - 651-266-4012
    Scott County - 952-445-7751
    Sherburne County - 763-765-4000
    Wright County - 763-682-7400
    Call your hospital social worker for help with other resources.

    Adult day care programs

    Minnesota Adult Day Services Association 763-464-2698

    Aging and Disability Resource Center (Wisconsin) For adult day programs, benefits program information, Meals On Wheels, transportation, respite care and vulnerable adult services. Pierce County - 715-273-6780. St. Croix County - 715-381-4360.

    Domestic abuse

    Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line

    Alexandra House 763-780-2332

    Day One Project

    Rivers of Hope (Wright and Sherburne counties) 763-295-3433 or 1-800-439-2652

    Turningpoint in Wisconsin
    1-800-345-5104 or 715-425-6751

    Driving evaluations for special needs/elderly

    Adaptive Experts (driving evaluations for special needs/elderly) 651-501-5680

    Courage Center Driver assessment and training - 763-520-0425

    Drive Safe

    Financial assistance

    Anoka County 763-422-7270

    Carver County 952-361-1600

    Dakota County 651-437-3191

    Hennepin County 612-596-1300

    Ramsey County 651-266-4444

    Scott County 952-445-7751

    Sherburne County 763-241-2600

    Wright County 763-682-7414


    St. Croix County 715-246-8257

    Pierce County 715-273-6788

    Home health care

    Allina Health Home Health


    Medical Transportation of Allina Health
    Metro area - 651-222-0555
    Greater Minnesota - 1-800-258-1210

    Anoka County Traveler

    Dakota Area Resources and Transporation for Seniors (DARTS) 651-455-1560

    First Transit
    Metro Mobility: 651-636-5000
    Metro Transit (city): 612-373-3333. There are many private pay and medical assistance-eligible transport services listed in the Yellow Pages.

  • Source: Allina Health Patient Education, Understanding Stroke: Information about Stroke and Recovery, third edition, ISBN 1-931876-13-4
    Reviewed by: Allina Health Patient Education experts
    First reviewed: 02/01/2006
    Last reviewed: 04/02/2013

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