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After knee replacement surgery: Common questions when leaving the hospital

  • Before you go home, you will receive instructions on foods, medicines, an exercise program, activity level, care equipment, follow-up appointments, and signs and symptoms to watch for.

    If you have any questions, ask your health care team. They want your recovery to be as smooth as possible. The following are the most common questions.

    When should you call your surgeon?

    When do you need to see your surgeon?

    How do you take care of your incision?

    How long do you need to wear graduated compression stockings (white elastic socks)?

    What are your activity restrictions and how do you follow them?

    How soon can you take a shower?

    When can you return to eating your normal foods?

    What causes constipation?

    When can you resume sexual activity?

    When can you drive a car?

    When can you return to work or your hobbies?

    What precautions should you keep in mind?

    Do you need to take preventive antibiotics before dental work?

    Do you need to take preventative antibiotics before other procedures?

    Will my joint set off metal detectors in airports?

  • Important

    Do not have any routine dental appointments for three months after your surgery.

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