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More ways to take care of yourself

  • Not only will these ideas help reduce your overall stress level, but they'll help you get through your recovery and adjustment period.


    If you need more care after you leave the hospital, ask your insurance carrier about home health care services.

    You may also want to get "Meals on Wheels" for a time. Most insurance plans have social workers to help you connect to resources in your community.

    • Your daily exercise not only helps your heart, but it can help your mood. Walk with a friend, or your spouse. Walk outdoors in good weather along a route you enjoy. Walk indoors in bad weather through a mall or other enclosed space.
    • Your new eating plan will help your heart, as well as speed up your recovery and increase your stamina. Eating well is important, so try hard to keep at it.
    • Relax when you can. Breathe deeply. Listen to calming music. Light a candle to set a serene mood. Pick some flowers or buy a bouquet.
    • Laugh! Rent funny movies and comedy routines. Visit with good friends. Listen to jokes and tell a few.
    • Talk. Tell family and friends how you are feeling, even when those feelings are strong and seem overwhelming.

    Talking about what you feel is one important way you can come to terms with what's happening to you. Talk to your health care team, too. They can suggest counseling,support groups, and other resources.

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