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What you should know about medicines

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    Taking your heart failure medicines may help you:

    • live longer
    • breathe easier
    • have more energy
    • have less swelling
    • stay out of the hospital

    Taking your medicine as directed is very important. If you do, they may help you feel better and help your heart work with less stress. You will need to take medicines for the rest of your life, unless your doctor gives you other directions.

    Your health care provider may start you on one or more medicines. He or she may change the dose or add other medicines later. This will depend on your symptoms and how well you respond to the medicines.

    It may take many days or weeks to find the right doses, combinations or both of medicines. This will take patience as you and your health care team work together to find the:

    • right medicines for you
    • right amount of each medicine
    • best time of the day to take each medicine

    Keep track of your medicines

    • Keep an updated medicine list in your purse or wallet.
    • Consider using a pill organizer.
    • Have a plan for organizing your medicine or doses if any of your prescriptions are changed by your doctor over the phone.
    • Ask a loved one or friend to help you with your medicines, if you need help.


    To help you and your family know which medicines you are taking, fill out a medicine chart.

    If you are worried about how to pay for your medicines, talk with your health care provider. There may be less costly medicines you may take, or financial help available to you.

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