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Your everyday activities

  • Use good position and posture

    • Don't stand when you can sit. If shaving makes you tired, put a mirror on the table. Rest your elbows.
    • Avoid working with your arms above your shoulders for long periods of time.
    • Sit on a high stool to iron or cook.
    • Plan your steps. Keep a basket at the bottom of the stairs for items that must go upstairs. Make one trip instead of four.
    • Use good posture. This reduces stress on your neck, back and shoulder muscles. It also lets you breathe easier.
    • Change your positions. Break up your work with a stretch or a walk.
    • Avoid staying in the same position for a long time. Use a purse with a shoulder strap. If you use the phone for a long time, use a speaker phone or headset.
    • Avoid reaching and bending. Use lazy susans, pull-out shelves and reachers.
    • Avoid lifting. Slide items or use carts.


    Using good body mechanics to lift and carry reduces the strain on your heart and your back.

    How to liftHow to lift

    • Stand as close to the object as you can with your feet spread apart.
    • Bend at your knees, keeping your back straight.
    • Grasp the load firmly. Hold the load close to the center of your body and face the direction you want to walk. This will help you avoid twisting and turning.
    • To unload, bend your knees and slide the load into place.

    How to carry

    • Carry the object at waist level with your elbows slightly bent.
    • Try not to carry an object on one side of your body.
    • If you have to, set the object down once in a while.
    • Try to use a rolling cart to carry heavy items.

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