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Second trimester: Months 4 to 6 - Weeks 14 to 26

  • You may find that the second trimester is your favorite. You probably feel less nauseated and more pregnant -- and you're probably starting to really believe it yourself.

    Your clothes may not fit anymore and you might be starting to rearrange your home for your baby.

    To do list

    Read more about breastfeeding and talk with your partner about how you will feed and nurture your baby.

    If you will be returning to work outside your home, start looking for daycare.

    Fill out and send in the preregistration form you received.

    Get a record of your vaccinations.

    Register for a variety of prenatal, childbirth, breastfeeding preparation, and parenting classes. Go to or call Allina Health Class Registration at 1-866-904-9962.

    Forms and worksheets

    Choosing your baby's health care provider

    Your prenatal screen and test record

    Relaxation worksheet

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