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First trimester: Your sexuality

  • The physical changes of pregnancy can make a woman feel very sexual and attractive. However, nausea, breast sensitivity and fatigue can temporarily dampen sexual desire.

    For some, freedom from the worry of getting pregnant may make sex more enjoyable. For others, now that they are pregnant, sex is not appealing or they fear they could hurt the baby.

    Other couples feel very close and want to express that closeness in sex. It is very important that you talk about how you are feeling and what you desire.

    There are other ways to express intimacy besides intercourse:

    • You can hug, touch and cuddle.
    • You can flirt and create romantic dates.
    • Sharing your feelings and being emotionally supportive can bring the two of you closer.
    • Being together, having fun, laughing, talking and sharing the excitement of pregnancy are also ways to show affection.

    There is usually no reason to avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy. However, under certain circumstances you may be asked to avoid it. Your health care provider will tell you if there are any precautions.

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