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Allina Health's Patient Education Department

  • Allina Health's Patient Education Department works with experts throughout Allina Health to produce manuals, booklets and other material used to educate patients about their health and medical treatment.

    In developing content for such pieces, our writers team up with content leads in related clinical areas.

    Medical expert review

    The content leads from these and other clinical areas facilitate the medical review process. They work closely with physicians and other medical experts to verify the currency and accuracy of patient education material.

    Advance care planning: Sandra Schellinger, CNP, senior scientific advisor, Robina LifeCourse

    Bariatrics: Mary Silberschmidt, RN, patient care manager, Unity Hospital Bariatric Center; Deborah Vanderhall BS, RN, CBN, program manager, Abbott Northwestern Hospital Bariatric Center

    Blood transfusion: Alana Sutherland, technical consultant, central lab, Allina Health Laboratory

    Cardiovascular care: Pam Rush, clinical programs director, cardiovascular clinical service line; Andrea Sweeney, manager, cardiovascular operations, Minneapolis Heart Institute®

    Community wellness: Susan Nygaard, RN, PHN, manager, community health improvement, Community Benefit and Engagement

    Diabetes: Dawn McCarter, RN, BSN, CDE, manager, diabetes education

    Grief resources: Alicea Anderson, RN, BSN, cancer nurse coordinator, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute

    Heart failure: Kim Wolf, RN, manager, care coordination, cardiovascular clinical service line

    Heart transplant: April McGaver, RN, transplant / organ failure care coordinator, transplantation department, Abbott Northwestern Hospital

    Infection control: Heidi Gallart, infection preventionist and manager, Allina Health Infection Prevention Program

    Integrative health: Sue Arnold, RN, nurse clinician, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

    Kidney transplant: Julie Berken, RN, transplant / organ failure care coordinator, transplantation department, Abbott Northwestern Hospital

    Medications: Lee Mork, PharmD, director, Allina Health Pharmacy

    Mental health: Paul Goering, MD, medical director, Allina Health Mental Health

    Nutrition: Shirley Winslett, certified dietitian, Allina Health Clinical Nutrition Managers Council

    Obstetrics: Jennifer Olson, MBA, executive director and vice president of operations, mother baby clinical service line; Lisa Saul, MD, president, mother baby clinical service line 

    Pain management: Maia Hendrickson, RN, senior advisor, Allina Health Patient Experience

    Patient transitions: Karen Tomes, RN, vice president, care management and coordination, Allina Health

    Pediatrics: Diane Adamski, MD, Allina Health Ambulatory Pediatrics Council

    Physical therapy: Miriah Dahlquist, PT, DPT, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute 

    Pulmonary: Jennifer Johnson-Schmidt, respiratory therapist, cardiopulmonary services, St. Francis Regional Medical Center

    Oncology: Connie Fiebiger, RN, vice president of operations, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute; Timothy Sielaff, MD, PhD, president, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute

    Orthopedics: Stephanie Eller, RN, ONC, specialty program manager, Joint Replacement Center, Abbott Northwestern Hospital 

    Ostomy: Jennifer Eggert, RN, medical / surgical patient care manager, Abbott Northwestern Hospital

    Sleep disorders: Michael Schmitz, PsyD, LP, CBSM, Abbott Northwestern Hospital Sleep Center

    Stroke and spine care: Kate Radmer, operations and clinical programs manager,  John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute

    Tobacco: Gabrielle Coleman, tobacco intervention coordinator, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing; Karina DiLuzio, tobacco intervention coordinator, Penny George Institute for Health and Healing; Julee Moorlag, tobacco intervention coordinator, health improvement and wellness, Mercy Hospital

    Women's health: Patricia (Trish) Huberty, MD, Allina Health Eagan Women’s Health Clinic

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