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Ideal weight

  • The ideal weight calculator is designed for an adult with an average body type. It is not designed for pregnant women.

    The ideal weight calculator is not necessarily indicative of your overall health. It does not take into account your frame (for example, the broadness of your shoulders or the size of your pelvis) or your muscle mass. Bodybuilders will often score as overweight or obese because they have more muscle on their bodies, and muscle is heavier than fat.

    If you are concerned about your weight, talk to your doctor. For weight loss and fitness information, visit Eat healthy and Get fit.

  • Ideal weight calculator


    How much should you weigh?

    Your ideal weight in pounds:

  • Source: Calle EE et al.  New England Journal of Medicine 1999; 341:1097-1105 Keys A et al. Journal of Chronic Disease 1972;25:329
    Reviewed by: Paul Kleeberg, MD, medical director, Internet/Intranet Services, Allina Hospitals & Clinics
    First published: 08/01/2000
    Last reviewed: 10/04/2004

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