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Refer patients

  • Patient correspondence

    All patient correspondence from health care professionals to Allina Health (including reports, orders, discharge summaries and visit notes) should be sent to:

    Mailing address

    Allina Health eHIM Consolidated Scanning – MR 10203
    PO Box 1196
    Minneapolis, MN 55440-1196

    Fax number


    Any questions?

    Email Allina Health Medical Records with any questions about this process.

  • Physician-To-Physician®

    Physician-To-Physician supports physicians in greater Minnesota and the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.

    Upon a participating physician's request, Allina Health offers these services, free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

    • Experienced personnel arrange to admit or transfer your patient to an Allina Health hospital:
    • A hospitalist acts as the primary care advocate for your patient throughout his or her stay at an Allina Health metro hospital.
    • Specialists affiliated with our metro hospitals provide consultations regarding your patient. For a list of participating specialists, call 1-800-828-8900.

    Referrals to Allina Health-affiliated physicians are based upon a written agreement with Physician-To-Physician. For more details, call 1-800-828-8900.

  • Patient referral form

    Medicare Pioneer ACO 3-day SNF waiver

    Use this form to place eligible Medicare Pioneer ACO patients in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) without a 3-day hospital admission:

    Skilled Nursing Facility Admission Orders

    This is an exception from regulations that require a 3-day inpatient hospital stay to have a SNF stay covered by Medicare benefits. Patients receive the right level of care for their needs, and total cost of care is reduced for patients and hospitals.

  • Contact us

    To use Physician-To-Physician®, call 1-800-828-8900.  

  • To arrange a patient transfer (urgent or non-urgent) to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, call One Call at 612-863-1000.

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