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Frequently asked questions

  • Enterprise Medical Imaging (EMI) Connect and EMI PACS Web

    On behalf of the Enterprise Medical Imaging (EMI) team at Allina Health Information Services, we thank you for your interest in EMI PACS Web. Here are answers to common questions about our service.

    What is EMI PACS Remote Access?

    Who can use EMI PACS Remote Access?

    How do I use EMI PACS?

    What are my choices for external viewing of Allina Health images?

    How do I get EMI PACS Remote Access?

    How do I access EMI PACS?

    What is an RSA token?

    What does EMI PACS Remote Access cost?

    I am having problems using EMI PACS. Who should I call?

    I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

    I forgot my user ID. What should I do?

    I lost my RSA token. What should I do?

    I am having a problem reading the numbers on my RSA token. What should I do?

  • Technical support

    For technical assistance,
    call 612-262-1900 or

    Email us 

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