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Emergency treatment NETwork

  • Neurologic Emergency Treatment NETwork

    The Allina Health Neurologic Emergency Treatment NETwork partners with rural hospitals in caring for patients who are experiencing neurological emergencies, such as stroke or seizures.

    The program offers an immediate connection between outstate hospitals and neurologic specialists at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis and United Hospital in St. Paul. Regardless of a patient's location, this enables fast and appropriate treatment for:

    • acute ischemic stroke
    • arteriovenous malformations and central venous thrombosis
    • intracranial hemorrhage
    • prolonged or recurrent seizure activity
    • subarachnoid hemorrhage.

    Services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week include:

    • aneurysm coiling
    • continuous EEG monitoring
    • emergent intracranial and extracranial angioplasty
    • intracranial pressure monitoring
    • IV/IA thrombolytics
    • mechanical clot retrieval
    • neurosurgical intervention
    • normothermia for subarachnoid hemorrhage.
  • Stroke continuing education opportunities

    The Allina Health Neurologic Emergency Treatment NETwork offers continuing education on stroke for physicians, nurses, pre-hospital staff and the public. Each presentation is tailored to meet the needs of your hospital and community.

    Community education topics for the public

    Medical staff continuing medical education

    Nursing staff continuing education

    Pre-hospital staff continuing education

  • If you have specific education needs beyond the provided topics, we will work with you to customize a presentation for your needs.

    To schedule a presentation,call Tim Hehr, RN, MA, clinical practice coordinator, at 612-863-4854 or email

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