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Robina Foundation Care Guide Project

  • Care Copilot: Promoting laypersons on care delivery teams

  • Chronic diseases like diabetes , high blood pressure and heart failure can be deadly if left untreated or unmanaged.

    With the support of a grant from the Robina Foundation, we tested a new approach to primary care: using care guides to help patients stay on track with their care plans and manage their health.

  • Bob smiles as his care guide goes over his care plan with him at the doctor's office

    After every doctor's appointment, Bob Bourke and his care guide discuss how well he's doing in managing his diabetes.

    Care Copilot Institute

    Promoting lay health care workers in care delivery 

    Founded due to the compelling results of the Robina Care Guide Project, the Care Copilot Institute supports a broad range of lay roles within the health care field and continues research to discover more cost effective approaches to care delivery.

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