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Privacy policy

  • is the corporate website for Allina Health. As an integrated health care delivery system, we are both experienced in and strongly believe in protecting the right of privacy for patients. Our policies and practices are guided by this underlying conviction.

    We do not share personally identifiable information submitted to unless we are authorized to do so, or we are required to do so by law. If you are an Allina Health patient, please see our notice of privacy practices.

    Section 1. Registration

    Section 2. Mailing lists

    Section 3. Links to other sites

    Section 4. Website statistics and reports

    Section 5. Security

    Section 6. Children's guidelines

    Section 7. Contacting

    Section 8. MyChart

    Section 9. Family Health Manager

  • Source: Legal Services, Allina Health
    Reviewed by: Allina Health Legal Counsel
    First published: 05/01/2000
    Last reviewed: 12/03/2013

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