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MyChart services

  • Take control of your health care with just one click.

    Send a medical message, make an e-Visit and refill prescriptions with MyChart.

  • Medical messages: Email your clinic with MyChart

    The next time you have a non-urgent question, just email your clinic or care team:

    What is a medical message?

    What kind of questions can I send in a medical message?

    Will my provider answer my medical message?

    When will I receive an answer to my medical message?

    Is there a charge for a medical message?

    E-Visits: Online diagnosis and treatment in one hour

    woman uses laptop from home to get an online medical diagnosis from home

    An e-Visit is an online medical visit that offers a convenient way to treat a variety of common symptoms from the comfort of your home or office.

    • You will receive a diagnosis and treatment plan - including necessary prescriptions - from a qualified advanced practice clinician.
    • The $35 cost will be submitted as a claim to your insurance company.

    What is an e-Visit?

    When can I use e-Visits?

    Which providers are available for my e-Visit?

    When will I receive an answer to my e-Visit request?

    Who can request an e-Visit?

    What happens to the information that is exchanged for an e-Visit?

    What is the charge for an e-Visit?

  • Refill prescriptions

    MyChart lets you conveniently request a prescription refill online from an Allina Health Pharmacy.

    How do I request a refill?

    What prescriptions can I request a refill on?

    How long will it take to have a prescription refilled?

    What should I do if I have questions about my medications?

    How can I request a prescription refill for a child, spouse or dependent adult?

    How do I have my prescription refill from an Allina Health Pharmacy mailed to me?

    I am an Allina Health employee. How do I use the concierge serve for employees at The Commons?

  • Allina Health PharmacyA presciption pill bottle is held by a pharmacist applying a sticker label

    The Allina Health Pharmacy offers free mail delivery or pick-up in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota.

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