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Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program

  • The Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program is a three-week residential program for individuals whose pain significantly interferes with their ability to function. The goals of this immersive and innovative program are:  

    • Reducing your chronic pain through engaging in health behavior changes over time
    • Increasing your ability to cope with chronic pain
    • Tapering the use of narcotic pain medications
    • Returning to work in some capacity

    Patients learn to self-manage pain while maintaining a daily schedule simulating the workplace. Self-management classes and therapies, aquatic and land exercises and medical management, including tapering of opioids, are fundamental building blocks of the program's success.

    Our chronic pain management staff members include a range of specialists from the fields of medicine, psychology, physical and occupational therapy, chemical dependency, exercise physiology, therapeutic recreation, vocational services and nutrition services. 

    Potential patients meet the following criteria:

    • Experienced pain for at least six months
    • Exhausted reasonable medical and surgical treatments options for pain
    • Chronic pain that interferes with daily life
    • Motivation to manage pain more independently, including a willingness to minimize or discontinue dependence on opioid pain medications

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  • Our outcomes

    One year after discharge, 76% of patients in our Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program reduced the number of hospitalizations. 

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