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Cancer-lymphedema treatment

  • STAR (Survivorship Training And Rehabilitation) for cancer survivors

    Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute offers the STAR (Survivorship Training And Rehabilitation) Program® for cancer survivors.

    The STAR Program provides patients with comprehensive and coordinated cancer rehabilitation support by STAR Certified Clinicians™ to promote healing and recovery from issues such as:

    • lymphedema
    • pain and fatigue
    • muscular weakness and joint stiffness
    • decreased balance and coordination
    • difficulty with speech and swallowing
    • difficulty with thinking and processing information.

    About STAR certification

    STAR logo

    The STAR (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) Program Certification is offered by Oncology Rehab Partners, which was co-founded in 2009 by Julie Silver, MD, a Harvard Medical School physiatrist and a cancer survivor.

    The program offers online, evidence-based training to rehabilitation clinicians including physicians, nurses, therapists and other practitioners, as well as administrators and other health care professionals.

    STAR Program certified hospitals and cancer centers address the unique health and quality-of-life issues of cancer survivors who are undergoing treatment or living with the side effects of cancer treatment. After completing the certification, STAR Program certified institutions have access to outcomes data, continuing education opportunities and the latest information in oncology rehabilitation.

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