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  • Psychological Services

    Personality and emotional testing: assessment of an individual's current coping methods, emotional state and personality style through objective instruments.

    Psychotherapy: cognitive-behavioral approach typically used to treat a wide variety of psychological conditions as a result of an individual's physical difficulties. Resolving negative emotional experiences, increasing effective coping styles and healthy behavior, and greater interpersonal communication are all possible goals for this treatment, depending on the needs of the individual and their family.

    Neuropsychological services

    Neuropsychological consultation is available to help in diagnosing cognitive, behavioral or emotional difficulties related to known or suspected brain injury or disorder and to assist with life planning and treatment.

    These include a broad array of conditions, including traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, anoxia, neurodegenerative diseases, and other conditions that can affect brain functioning.

    • Neuropsychological assessment: An assessment includes a review of medical records, as well as an interview and testing. Standardized tests measure cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, language and problem solving. Questionnaires assess mood, personality and disability. All results are combined and integrated in making a diagnosis and formulating a rehabilitation plan.

    Brain Injury Clinic

    The Brain Injury Clinic offers rehabilitation services for adults with mild to moderate disability related to neuropsychological impairments from non-progressive conditions.

    Services typically have a return-to-work or school focus. A neuropsychologist conducts an intake diagnostic interview and prepares a case formulation that takes account of all relevant factors and will be the basis for interdisciplinary treatment. This will include neuropsychological testing if not previously done.

    Appropriate patients then receive multidisciplinary care that may include psychological counseling, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and case management.

    • Inpatient consultation: Limited services available on the Abbott Northwestern Hospital campus.

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