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  • Going home - discharge from the United and Abbott Northwestern Hospitals inpatient units

    Recommendations from weekly meetings are shared with you and your family. With your input, a plan is determined for your successful return to your home or community.

    The average length of stay for patients receiving inpatient care from Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is 14 days.

    The decision to discharge a patient is based on each person's individual condition and goals in relation to meeting specific criteria.

  • After discharge

    Most patients continue with their rehabilitation after discharge from the inpatient unit. Your rehabilitation team may recommend home-based therapy, outpatient therapy, or admission to a nursing home. Your social worker or care navigator will help arrange recommended services for you.

    What criteria does a patient need to meet to be discharged from the hospital?

    What if a patient is not ready to go home and needs a continued hospital stay?

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