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Allina Health news media contacts

  • David Kanihan

    Office: 612-262-4986
    Mobile: 612-867-2845

    Areas of responsibility:

    • Allina Health
    • corporate issues

    Gloria O'Connell

    Office: 612-863-4801
    Mobile: 612-859-9106

    Areas of responsibility:

    • Abbott Northwestern Hospital
    • Abbott Northwestern - WestHealth
    • Buffalo Hospital
    • Cambridge Medical Center
    • Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
    • District One Hospital
    • Minneapolis Heart Institute®
    • Mercy Hospital
    • New Ulm Medical Center
    • Owatonna Hospital
    • Phillips Eye Institute
    • St. Francis Regional Medical Center
    • Unity Hospital

    Tim Burke

    Voice/Text: 651-409-3030

    Areas of responsibility:

    • Allina Health Emergency Medical Services
    • Allina Health Pharmacy
    • Allina Health Home Health
    • Allina Health clinics
    • Allina Health Laboratory
    • Regina Hospital
    • River Falls Area Hospital
    • United Hospital

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