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School Health Connection™

  • Healthy kids, healthy schools

    Young people who engage in healthy activities get better grades and feel better about themselves. Schools can play a critical role in helping establish these healthy behaviors that lead to academic - and lifelong - success. That's what School Health Connection™ was all about.

    What was School Health Connection™?

    School Health Connection™ was designed to encourage healthy lifestyles in students, teachers and families. It supported schools for a full academic year by providing health-education tools and resources, including $10,000 in grant money, consulting physicians, online learning resources, teacher trainings and community events.

    Why did Allina Health launch this program?

    Studies show that young people who participate in healthy activities get better grades and are more successful in school. Knowing that schools play a critical role in helping young people establish healthy behaviors that lead to academic - and lifelong - success, School Health Connection™ offered schools the tools to improve health education and academic achievement in all students.

    What resources are available now?

    Any school staff and teachers can now access Health Powered Kids™. The online learning tools, developed by Allina Health experts, provide engaging lessons on activity, nutrition and mind-body balance. The lessons can stand alone or be integrated into existing lesson plans. They can be used in the classroom or for after-school programs.

    At-home lessons

    Healthful habits for the whole family

    1. MyPlate: Healthful foods you can choose
    2. Fast food restaurants
    3. Fitness: Fun for our family!
    4. Screen time: How much is healthy?
    5. Sugary drinks: What every kid needs to know
    6. How much spaghetti should you have on your plate? (and other tales from the kitchen)
    7. Healthful habits: How much sleep do kids need?

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