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Lung Program

  • Your care team

    Our team of experienced health care professionals works together to ensure the best care possible for lung cancer patients.

    They participate in monthly treatment planning conferences to review recent cases. This helps improve the consistency and quality of care.

    Cancer care coordinator

    Physician assistant

    Nurse practitioner


    Thoracic surgeons

    Medical oncologists


    Radiation oncologists

    Palliative care


  • Members of your care team also include a clinical research nurse; clinical social worker; physical and occupational therapist; and respiratory therapist.

    Lung Nodule Clinic

    The experts at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute's Lung Program help address the physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs of those with lung cancer and their families.

    Lung Cancer Screening Program

    In December 2013, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended annual screening for lung cancer with low-dose CT scans. The Lung Cancer Screening Program at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® - Abbott Northwestern Hospital has the experts and technology to help patients follow this preventive health measure.

    We use the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology to find even the smallest lung abnormalities. Doctors from the Lung Program review the scan results and send you a letter with recommendations if needed.

    Important details about the program include the following.

    • Individuals must fit the NLST criteria to participate in this program. The criteria are: past or present smokers with a 30 pack per year smoking history between the ages of 55 and 74.
    • Low-dose lung cancer screening CT scans are offered at Abbott Northwestern. You can self-pay and schedule without a referral for $99. This price includes the scan and interpretation.
    • If you would like to inquire about insurance reimbursement, a referral from a primary doctor is necessary. Individuals must also contact their insurance provider to see if this service is covered by their medical plan.
    • If follow-up is recommended, you may choose to see the doctors at the Lung Nodule Clinic at Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® - Abbott Northwestern Hospital. This clinic is a collaboration between Minnesota Lung Center and Minnesota Oncology Thoracic Surgery. Appointments can be scheduled through the Lung Program at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

    The Lung Cancer Screening Program is a collaboration between the Institute and Consulting Radiologists.

    Advanced technology

    The most current diagnostic and treatment equipment and procedures are available to the Lung Program at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® - Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

    These include:

    • spiral CT scans
    • intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
    • endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)
    • electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy (ENB) allows doctors to see and diagnose lesions deep in the lungs to help make treatment decisions
    • video-assisted thorascopic surgery (VATS) - allows for a less invasive procedure than traditional thoracotomy, leading to a faster recovery and the ability to begin other treatments sooner
    • SABR - stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for lung cancer (high dose/short course)
    • Rapid Arc (VMAT) treatment that provides IMRT in single or multiple arc therapy, reducing treatment daily session time by over half.
  • Source: Virginia Piper Cancer Institute®; Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 28th edition
    Reviewed by: Michael Bowen, MD, medical director, Lung Program at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute® - Abbott Northwestern Hospital
    First published: 02/08/2010
    Last reviewed: 03/05/2014

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    Lung Program


    Abbott Northwestern Hospital is designated by the American College of Radiology as a Lung Cancer Screening Center. We meet the highest standards for low-dose CT screening.

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