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Park House

  • Founded in 1996, Park House is one of only six programs in the U.S. providing day health services for people with HIV/AIDS. Research shows that people who participate in day health programs see a significant reduction in hospitalizations, decreased length of hospital stays, and a drastic reduction in nursing home admissions.

    The Park House program offers individuals with HIV/AIDS a place to socialize, find support and build skills to improve their physical health and emotional wellness. Both an adult day health center and a mental health day treatment program, this outpatient service is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday - Thursday and offers:

    • emotional support and psychotherapy
    • recreational and complementary therapies
    • nutritional support
    • limited nursing care
    • collaborative treatment planning with physicians and case managers.

    The Park House staff includes a psychologist, registered nurse, certified therapeutic recreation specialists and a chaplain. They carry out Park House's mission to enhance quality of life, maximize human dignity, promote independence, and minimize hospitalization and institutionalization of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

    Becoming a client

    Park House is open to adults 18 years and older with an HIV/AIDS diagnosis. It targets those who need a supportive environment or who are diagnosed with a mental illness.

    Park House clients:

    • work with a treatment coordinator to set affirming goals
    • match those goals with appropriate program activities
    • participate in Park House activities at least once a week, as outlined in their treatment plan.

    Services may be reimbursable by medical assistance or private insurance. Financial assistance may be available through Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

  • Supporting Park House


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