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Emergency departments

  • Abbott Northwestern has two Emergency Departments, one at its hospital in Minneapolis and the other at its WestHealth location in Plymouth.

    Should I go to the Emergency Department (ED)?

    Ailments that require emergency medical attention include:

    • broken bones
    • severe abdominal pain
    • severe chest pain
    • possible brain injury or stroke
    • head injury
    • high fever
    • difficulty breathing
    • severe eye injury
    • carbon monoxide exposure
    • sudden blindness
    • partial or full paralysis
    • complicated or deep cuts
    • rape
    • suicidal behavior

    Urgent care

    For illnesses and injuries that do not need emergency attention, but require treatment sooner than you can get an appointment at a regular clinic, you can find the care you need at an urgent care clinic.

    Find an urgent care clinic near you.

  • Emergencies

    For all emergencies, call 911.

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