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Center for Outpatient Care (COC)

  • Located near a natural wetland at the corner of Highway 169 and I-494, the Center for Outpatient Care encourages a patient-centered approach to health and healing.

    Our philosophy of care

    Abbott Northwestern's Center for Outpatient Care offers a new concept of care by incorporating excellence in medicine in an environment focused on your health.

    At the Center, patients will find top medical specialists providing personal services in a peaceful, convenient suburban location. You will find nationally-recognized physicians and staff, in a wide variety of diagnostic and specialty services, who are focused on providing you with the care and service you'll need.

    All those who work in the Center share a profound belief that each patient deserves a personal greeting, a willing ear, respectful understanding and comprehensive care.  

    Our healing environment

    The Center offers patients and visitors an experience that touches each sense.

    From the calming atmosphere of a natural wetland to the architectural design of the building and spaces within it - the Center for Outpatient Care encourages a patient-centered approach to health and healing.

    You will find comfortable and inviting spaces, and staff members who strive to make each appointment and each telephone call, pleasant and satisfying.

    We invite you to enjoy the Center's comfortable lobby area or stroll through the adjacent wetlands.

  • For more information

    Call 952-914-8000

    Center for Outpatient Care

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